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At Bathroom Renovations Central Coast, we also do renovations on the laundry areas to make sure that they are functional and modern too. For some reason, the laundry renovation often doesn’t get this much attention, and there is not enough emphasis given on it while designing a home. But we know how important it is to make sure that the laundry area looks good because you use it every day and want to ensure that you like using it.
The design of your bathroom should not only look good but also function well for you. Don’t forget to add closets in your laundry area, which can help you organize all your stuff well. Also, keep the flooring in there so that they are easy to clean. Make sure your tub or sinks have grates below them to protect them from any kind of damage.


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    What should I consider before doing laundry renovation?

    You must create space in your laundry room if there is not enough of it. The key to effective organizing of clothes is modular cubes that can be used to hold different items like shoes and keep the wall free of any clutter, making things easier for you while folding clothes.
    Doing laundry will be effortless if you have sufficient cabinet space with lead-light fronts which look elegant and help you store many smalls like detergents etc. It’s a good idea to put baskets under the cabinets as well for additional storage options.
    You should also decide on which appliances would go into your laundry room. Some people choose a washer and dryer, while others go for a combo unit that can wash clothes as well as dry them. If you are unsure which appliance would be able to serve your purpose best, consult our experts for assistance before making a final decision. They will help you by giving their expert opinion on what type of washing machine or dryer would suit your place best, should it be gas-operated or electric operated one etc.

    When do I need a laundry renovation?

    Your laundry room needs to be remodelled when it does not allow you enough room for the task that you have to do. If your appliances are in bad condition or need repair, you must get them replaced immediately before they break down completely.
    If there is water leakage or mould growth in your room, you can change the flooring and the walls and get new appliances.

    A commercial laundry room

    How much will it cost to renovate my laundry?

    The cost of a laundry renovation depends on so many factors, including the area which has been renovated. Whether there is only the tub installation or a combination of other things, be sure to discuss these with your contractor in detail before signing a contract with them.
    Our charges are affordable, and the outer team will visit your place and provide you with a free quote. Our priority is to give our customers’ decent quotes so that they can make the right choice when selecting us over other companies in the market.

    A laundry room with appliances and cabinets

    Space saving laundry room ideas for small spaces

    If your living area is not that big to give way to a separate laundry room, you can just bring in the folding table in the foyer or close to the kitchen. You need to find space where you can stack up the dirty clothes neatly until it’s time for washing. The table should be kept near an outlet so that it will be easy to plug in the machine’s cord when required.
    You may get space below stairs if you have one; however, make sure no pipelines are running through there because they emit gas.

    A laundry room with white appliances

    What are the benefits of having your laundry room renovated?

    We know that the laundry room is an important part of your home, so we provide an extensive range of services that can help you take full advantage of this room. Such services include designing, installation and building storage space for it.
    Perhaps the most important benefit to renovating your laundry room is how it will influence the rest of the house. Well-designed storage space for this room can serve as inspiration to improve other rooms in your home, so you’ll be able to create a more comfortable living environment overall.
    If you want to increase your home’s value without making major changes, then having your laundry renovated should be at the top of your list. Furthermore, suppose you have ever considered selling your property one day or showing it off during an open house event. In that case, creating a good impression with any potential buyers is paramount.

    Why Choose Us?

    Bathroom Renovations Central Coast is dedicated to providing the best services available on the market at competitive rates. Our client base has grown substantially due to our commitment to offering high-quality laundry renovations services to homes and businesses across the Central Coast. Our company has been in the home renovation industry for more than a decade, meaning we have ample experience in providing professional services to meet your needs.
    We’ve made it our mission to deliver high-quality results at affordable rates. Our company is one of few which offers a 100% money-back guarantee. This means that if you are not satisfied with any aspect of our workmanship, we will refund your investment with no questions asked!!
    Our team comprises experienced, professional laundry renovations contractors who are all committed to delivering exceptional workmanship. They operate from a fully-equipped workshop that is equipped with the most advanced and high-quality tools and equipment.
    We only use the finest quality materials designed to withstand constant use for many years without showing signs of wear. You can relax knowing that you’re investing in guaranteed quality at affordable rates.


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