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At Bathroom Renovations Central Coast, we offer a range of bathroom renovations for you to choose from. Our team will provide design and installation services, as well as maintenance and repairs. You can count on our professional tradesmen to complete your renovation with the highest quality products. Whether it’s a full home renovation or just one room, we’re here to help.


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    What you should consider when renovating your ensuite bathroom

    When planning to have your ensuite bathroom renovated, you need to keep a checklist of things that you should consider before beginning the work. This will help you and ensure that your bathroom renovation goes as planned and results in a great look for your bathroom: The cost of the renovation, time, fixtures for your ensuite bathroom, etc.
    One thing that you need to consider when redecorating your ensuite bathroom is the lighting. You do not want any harsh lights shining directly down on you when you’re taking a shower in the morning, and you also don’t want to be constantly irritated by that lamp that is right above your head. You should therefore consider installing appropriate lighting that will make the room look both spacious and bright.
    Another thing that you should pay attention to is flooring. Nowadays, vinyl is much more favoured than tiles mainly because it is considered to be an ideal flooring material in areas that get a lot of moisture, such as the ensuite bathroom. This is because it has the ability to stop water from seeping through and causing damage to your ceiling below, which will save both time and money when repairs are needed. Vinyl flooring is also easy to clean and much more durable than tiles.

    Tips on renovating your ensuite bathroom

    For a small bathroom, consider installing an over-the-tub shower rather than a bathtub.
    Install glass block windows to create more light in the room
    Add a skylight for natural lighting
    Invest in sleek chrome fixtures and modern tiles to give your ensuite bathroom renovation that clean, contemporary look
    Consider adding built-in storage options like cabinets or shelves to house all of your toiletries.
    Use accent colours throughout the bathroom, such as bright blue on the walls or deep purple on the floor tiles.

    An ensuite bathroom with white-coloured fixtures

    How to select bathroom fixtures for your ensuite bathroom renovation

    When selecting your bathroom fixtures, make sure that they are not only durable but also blend well with the rest of your bathroom decor. Older homes may have original fixtures, which you can refurbish using new material if needed or simply use them as-is if they still look great.
    They should also match with the rest of your bathroom theme.

    An ensuite bathroom with a bathtub and cabinets

    How to choose a colour scheme for your new ensuite bathroom

    Your new ensuite bathroom can be decorated in any colour scheme that you want. Some people like to go with the flow and choose very bright, vivid colours for their bathrooms, while others prefer more subtle hues.
    Different colours can be used in bathrooms, but it is important to understand that these colours may fade over time. This means that if you choose a very bright colour scheme to decorate your bathroom, then you will have to redo the whole thing sooner than you thought!
    You should also think about choosing a lighter shade of the same colour as opposed to a very deep, dark colour. Dark colours have a tendency to make your bathroom look smaller and more crowded as opposed to the lighter shades of the same shade, which tend to make rooms look larger.

    An ensuite bathroom with grey floor tiles

    Choosing the right bathroom renovation contractor

    Having the contractor renovate your bathroom, whether it is a small or big renovation, is really the only way to get what you want without having to do any of the work physically.
    You may be tempted to do it yourself and save some money, but bathroom renovations can be complex and difficult if you don’t do them often. The result will also not be satisfactory, and you’ll have wasted your time and money.
    The best way of hiring a renovation contractor for your bathroom is to check several different ones out before deciding who will renovate your ensuite bathroom. You can ask family or friends who recently renovated their bathrooms by someone for recommendations of good renovators in your area. Make sure that they are licensed and registered by various professional bodies in Australia. Check whether they have a license to do building or plumbing work.

    Why Choose Us?

    Renovating your ensuite bathroom is a great way to give your home an updated look. If you’re thinking about renovating your ensuite or are looking for someone who offers bathroom renovations, then be sure to choose our team at ‘Bathroom Renovations Central Coast. Our company has been in the renovation business for many years, and we have the experience necessary to make an impact on any bathroom renovation project truly. We source all of our products through local suppliers, meaning there shouldn’t be any voids between tradespeople, which often happens when getting multiple quotes from different companies; this means less inconvenience for you!
    Our staff is highly qualified, and we can offer you top quality workmanship as well as competitive prices. Whether you need to renovate the entire bathroom or simply repair faulty plumbing, we can accommodate your needs and cater specifically to your budget. Our team is experienced in dealing with various renovations projects, from home renovations to commercial developments, so rest assured that no job is too big or too small for us!
    With years of experience comes a wealth of knowledge, and our Bathroom Renovations Central Coast will always use up-to-date techniques and materials throughout your project. We go above and beyond what other companies are doing because we take pride in giving our customers the best possible service. No matter what kind of renovation you want to be done, contact ‘Bathroom Renovations Central Coast!


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