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Bathroom Renovations Central Coast not only does residential bathroom renovations, but we also do commercial bathroom renovations. We can supply and install a new bathroom and toilet cubicles and commercial laundry equipment fitting out large laundries. We have supplied numerous Laundromats and Taverns with everything from washing machines to commercial dryers, even small items like top-loading commercial washers.
No matter the project’s size, we can help you complete it all from start to finish supplying labour and materials or just supplying materials. We design bathrooms in such a way that they give your space a clean, polished look while still feeling open and spacious.


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    Why carry out a commercial bathroom renovation?

    Renovating is necessary for several reasons. Depending on the age and condition of the rooms in question, a company may find that their current commercial bathrooms are not up to industry standards regarding health codes or building code requirements. As such, amenities such as hand dryers have been introduced into restrooms so people can avoid touching dirty surfaces after they’ve used them. So as to meet various safety regulations, lighting has to be improved by adding better lighting fixtures and ventilation systems to remove odours.
    Renovations are also necessary if a company wants to update its existing bathroom suits for modern tastes or offer customers a wider range of items. For this reason, companies may choose to renovate their bathrooms by installing more luxurious showers with built-in chromotherapy functions.

    What is a commercial bathroom?

    A commercial bathroom is a facility containing a toilet, urinal and in some cases, a washbasin in a public building for use by occupants in general to meet their personal needs. Some examples of commercial bathrooms include hotel bathrooms, customer bathrooms located in retail establishments such as department stores or restaurants, employee break rooms with bathrooms located inside or outside the place of business, restrooms located on an aeroplane and even restrooms used by visitors at the embassy buildings. In many cases, commercial bathroom renovations are necessary to create more rooms and be more functional for public use.

    A muliticoloured commercial bathroom

    Issues to address before starting this type of project

    Before deciding whether or not renovations are needed, inspect the existing room(s) where people will be using the facilities. Do you notice issues with water drainage? Is there a foul smell coming from the room(s)? Are there any maintenance issues that need to be addressed immediately? If not, then you don’t necessarily need renovations.
    You should also have the budget for the project. If you don’t have enough money to hire a renovation company, then you can do it on your own or ask someone for help on this matter.
    If renovations are needed, the next step is knowing exactly what changes need to be done. What is the functionality of that room? How many stalls are there? You also need to know how much square footage each stall should have, compared to how much square footage the existing stalls have right now.

    white coloured commercial bathroom

    Types of Commercial Bathroom Renovations

    Once you’ve done an inspection and gone through all these considerations, you’ll be able to see which type(s) of commercial bathroom renovations are necessary for your facility’s bathroom(s). The following are some types of renovations that you may need for your business.

    • Toilet replacement or upgrades
    • Toilet paper holders and towel racks replacement
    • Bathtubs, showers, and walls replacement, including tile work
    • Flooring repair or replacement.

    No matter what kind of renovation you need for your commercial bathroom(s), the fact remains that the entire process can be quite expensive. That’s why it is important to have a professional company do this type of renovation work for you. The reason is that these types of renovations are time-consuming, but they are also physically draining.

    A commercial bathroom with luxurious sinks

    How to find the best company for your commercial bathroom renovations

    When you establish that your commercial bathroom needs a renovation, you need to decide whether to complete the work yourself or hire a company. If you are not experienced in this work area or lack the necessary equipment and tools, it’s best to leave it up to the professionals. Commercial bathroom renovations can be difficult for those who are not familiar with construction standards and practices.
    Commercial bathroom renovation companies come highly recommended by other customers who have had good experiences with them. When searching for a company that can do your commercial bathrooms renovations, make sure to read reviews online about their services before committing to anything. Their website should also contain testimonials from previous customers regarding their experience with their service technicians.

    Why Choose Us?

    At Bathroom Renovations Central Coast, we are dedicated to providing high-quality service at a competitive price. We never cut corners, and we always provide the services that we promise. And we back up our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
    We offer complete renovation solutions for all commercial bathrooms. Our company provides free quotes and consultations, same day service and no job is too big or too small. We can even complete both renovations and repairs in one day!
    Our technicians have been servicing commercial bathrooms on the Central Coast for years, so you know you are getting experienced professionals who will quickly, cost-effectively, and professionally care of things from start to finish.


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