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At Bathroom Renovations Central Coast, we specialize in bathroom renovations, and we have a history of many years of experience in the industry.
Our team has qualified professionals who are experts in the art of renovation, and they can take up any size of a business, from a small apartment to a huge office.
We offer our clients free quotes on their bathrooms renovations needs which are very thorough and realistic. We put forth all the necessary information about what style will suit them best, how much time it will take to complete each phase of the project, etc. so that there are no misunderstandings later on.
While designing your spaces, we keep in mind how they work with light or natural sunlight streaming through your bathroom. Whether it’s a part of your bathroom that you want to give a fresh, updated look with paint or tile, or if you want to completely re-do your bathroom with new fixtures and floors, we are very conscious about doing it right. We have all the latest tools and equipment needed for renovations.


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    Renovating your bathroom - what should you do first

    When you decide to remodel your bathroom, there are some critical initial things to consider. They include the scope of work, budget considerations, etc., so that there are no misunderstandings later on.
    Decide on the design of the bathroom that you want before you start. Are you thinking of changing or reconfiguring the existing fixtures, or do you want to install new ones? If the latter, choose fixtures that complement your decor.
    Once you decide on the scope of work, it is time to move on to when and how. Is it better to do it yourself, or would professional help be better? You can also combine both – there are some things that you can handle yourself while we take care of others for a reduced rate.

    How do I know if my bathroom needs to be renovated?

    Your bathroom may be due for renovation if you are experiencing the following problems:

    •     Bulging wall tiles
    •     Cracks in grout lines on flooring or walls
    •     Low water pressure while taking a shower or bath
    •     Blockage of drains which results in a foul odour coming from the drain system
    •     We will work with your budget and your time constraints to give you quality service done right. 
    A toilet being repaired

    How much does a bathroom renovation cost?

    Cost is something that should be planned for when renovating your bathroom, considering all budget constraints. This would help you understand whatever changes are needed in the existing conditions before doing anything else so it wouldn’t affect your expenses when finally renovating your bathroom.
    The cost of renovating a bathroom will vary depending on several factors. For some people, a simple renovation may already address all their problems, while for others, it might require more extensive renovations to give them the bathroom they have been dreaming about.
    The type of fixtures you want to be installed in the bathroom are the ones that will cost you more. The price of plumbing materials also affects the total cost. There are always discounts given in big hardware stores, so it is best to shop around.

    Bathroom wall tiles being installed

    Tips for picking out new fixtures

    Choosing new fixtures for your bathroom can be quite a task. You can always start with the existing layout, but other considerations must be taken into account for a successful renovation.
    To begin with, plan ahead before you choose tiles or fixtures. Some bathroom spaces require specific types of tiles or fixtures to fit in perfectly. Some windows or windowsills may need new ventilation options that will affect the type of bathtub chosen.
    Before getting started on your renovation project, make sure you give yourself plenty of time to shop around for materials and designs that work best for your space. Make a list of what will be required to complete the project, then compare quotes from different suppliers before making your final picks.

    Ongoing repair in a bathroom

    Choosing the right flooring for your bathroom

    Bathroom floors are prone to getting wet frequently, which is why you will need to choose something that won’t be affected by moisture. If you think your bathroom flooring may get damp frequently, consider tiles with water-resistant properties or ones that are waterproofed.
    The type of tiles you use on the floors can also either make or break the look of your bathroom. Ceramic tiles are great for easier maintenance and durability, but some people don’t like their cold surfaces. Other materials such as stone may be more expensive, but they come in different varieties to match almost any design or decorating style. Whether you choose marble, granite or slate, these options all have natural variations, so there’s no need to worry about having matching pieces if you decide to change.
    The floor you choose should be safe since some floors can be slippery, especially when wet. If you have small children at home, you should opt for tiles with a rough surface since they will be less slippery than polished surfaces.

    Why Choose Us?

    At Bathroom Renovations Central Coast, we value our customers highly, so we have made it our top priority to ensure that they are always satisfied. We believe in the quality of our work, which shows in all the services we provide.
    We know that bathrooms are one of the most important areas in your home because you use them every day; therefore, you should only trust professionals when it comes to renovating them.
    Our commitment to you is to deliver nothing but the best when it comes to renovating your bathroom, so you can remain assured of superior quality work at all times!
    If you are interested in any of our products or services, please do not hesitate to contact us today because we are always looking forward to hearing from you! It will be our pleasure to assist you.


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