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At Bathroom Renovations Central Coast, we provide you with different bathroom designs for your bathroom renovations. We provide you with the best and top-notch quality products and supplies so that we can guarantee satisfaction and affordability to our clients. Our Bathroom Renovations Central Coast Team will ensure that all kinds of specifications are met accordingly to ensure customer satisfaction.
Are you looking for bathroom designs or want to renovate your current bathroom? Call Bathroom Renovations Central Coast now.
We at Bathroom Renovations Central Coast offer a range of services, starting from simple plumbing jobs to complete bathroom renovation solutions.


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    Small Bathroom Design Ideas

    If you’re working with a space that is limited, then the best idea to try out would be to arrange your furniture over by one wall so that it won’t take too much floor space. Giving up on some square footage is okay since you’ll be creating enough storage area in here by putting cabinets within reach of the sink so that they will act as both storage and countertops. You can also put in a small cabinet or table below the bathroom mirror to store all of your personal care products. Just make sure that everything has its dedicated spot because messy makeup and toiletries are never cute.

    A bathroom with a bathtub and white walls

    Different types of bathrooms designs available

    There are different kinds of bathroom designs available to suit every homeowner’s preference. For example, the traditional design is old-fashioned and consists of a sink, bathtub or shower, toilet, and faucets. More homeowners have been getting into modern designs in the past years because it looks chic and provide plenty of functionalities, especially with a walk-in shower.
    If you’re renovating your bathroom, but don’t want to invest that much for a full makeover, consider purchasing new fixtures such as sinks and tiles instead. They provide a big impact on the overall appearance of your bathroom without having to spend too much money. You can also add tile floors if you want something easy to clean. If you love baths more than showers, add some special features such as lights underneath your tub so that you can bathe at night.

    A bathroom design with cabinets and a bathtub

    The perfect bathroom design

    When choosing a bathroom design, get a bathroom design that is functional and stylish. Make a list of what you would like to include in your dream bathroom so it will be easier to narrow down the choices.
    If you have a large family, get a spacious bathroom design so everyone can get ready for school or work at the same time. If you want extra space inside the shower, go for a walk-in shower that comes with glass doors. You can also add a built-in seat inside the shower area if possible. These additions are perfect if you prefer bathing over standing while washing yourself because it provides comfort and improves hygiene.
    The bathroom design you choose will depend on your budget since renovation can be costly. If you care for vintage and traditional designs, opt for a claw-foot tub. Just be careful with the fixtures inside your bathroom, as they may not match each other perfectly. This vintage concept is a good choice if you want a classic look in your bathroom, but it’s also wise to first see something from recent renovations before making final decisions.

    A bathroom with a brown colour theme

    Factors to consider before deciding on a bathroom design

    The bathroom design you settle for will largely depend on your preferences, plans, and the size of your bathroom. It is important to know that different designs require varying installation procedures. Some aspects you need to consider before finalizing or settling on a specific design include:

    • The number of people using the bathroom;
    • The purpose of the room (e.g., casual use versus formal bathing);
    • How much time it will be used for;
    • What style fits with your home’s theme;
    • What kind of fixtures fit into your budget;
    • If any obstructions in the room may affect door swing or shower placement, it is prudent to measure the space available before starting out with your search for a particular design which you would like to install.

    Why Choose Us?

    At Bathroom Renovations Central Coast we have different bathroom renovation specialists who have years of experience in this field. We know how important it is to complete the renovation process on time so that you can use your newly renovated bathroom as soon as possible. You can contact us anytime; our customer service representatives are always on standby to answer all your questions and queries.
    Our company offers free quotes on all kinds of bathroom designs, whether it’s for new fixtures like sinks or bathtubs, installation of cabinets, wall tiles, flooring, etc. Our workers are very helpful when it comes to choosing which items would look best with your home design and style. All projects are monitored by some of the industry’s best foremen and project managers, so you can be assured that workmanship will never be compromised.
    Our company has been doing renovations for different kinds of bathrooms from homeowners to government institutions. We have even worked with contractors on various other projects, mostly residential. Once you give us a call, we’re going to send a team to your home right away so we can start planning how we’re going to get started with your bathroom renovation process while ensuring that there are no delays.


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